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Brand/Toon Character

Brand Character

The concept behind these toonz is Branding Plus. We use Brand Logo to represent our brand. Using these characters, you can charge your brand. You can use these toonz in your brand Promo or Explainer movies and even in your promotional banners. Beside the available Brand Character, you can also get develop Your Own Copyright Brand Character. Read the description below.

How we understand, what should be your Brand Character?*

We finalize the character design with these following questions. We believe that these are attached with you and with your brand too.

Question 1: When and Why you start your business (Your Believing)?
Question 2: What was the starting Motivational thing for you (Living, Virtual or other)?
Question 3: What give you inspire to show dedication for your brand?
Question 4: What make you believe to be different from other similar Brands (provide other competitor Brand links too)?
Question 5: Your vision for your Brand?

*If you want yourself cartoonized and use that as your Brand Character, then we need atleast 5-6 different picture poses of you.



Pricing will be based on initial and each individual rest. The initial character price would be little high as that will take lot more time to finalize. We will provide Vector and PNG file of each character after completion. Check out the price below.

Initial Brand Character -> 500$ (time limit upto 1 week)
For each individual poses of character -> 150$ (time limit upto 3 days for each)

**If you want the copyright of our existing Brand Character then the price will be 1000$ for complete set. Thus you can save upto 100$ and plus get 2 example banners. After taken copyright we will not sell any further more that character. Note that if the character is already sold for once, we will not provide copyright of that (For your sake only).